Flash Global Logistics completes supply chain integration with Fujitsu, CDW, Dynamex & Juniper Networks

Flash Global Logistics, a leading worldwide supply chain solutions company, has forged ahead in their goal to have a completely automated supply chain by completing integrations with their large suppliers and customers like Fujitsu, CDW, Dynamex and Juniper Networks.

The integration with all these partners were perceived to be challenging considering the following:

  • each partner uses dfferent integration mechanisms, document standards and message specifications
  • the project for migration of Microsoft Dynamics ERP to a higher version was underway and these supplychain integrations were to be done into the higher version

MOND enabled rapid integration with all these partners becauase of the Platform’s standard support for various integration mechanisms like Secure FTP, WebService and Rest API and document standards like Rosetta Net Information Framework, JSon. EDI X12 and custom XML.

The supply chain programme head from the Managed Services team, says thus: “The integrations could be completed in a short span of time making use of the semantic mapping technology of the MOND Platform. The supply chain integration services developed on the Platform have few lines of code and are easily maintainable and extensible. With these integrations, we have helped Flash Global improving their all round supply chain KPIs while laying the foundation for rapid partner onboarding“.

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